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The Science of Liberty, Front Cover


Everyone knows that America is slipping and in trouble, and everyone knows that our government is to blame.  But everyone is having trouble getting their hands and mind around what that problem is so that it can be addressed.

Still, no matter how many times we get lost in all the symptoms of our systemically failing state, that flashing light in our head keeps telling us that the only answer is that we must change our entire governing system.

The Science of Liberty: American Reformation & Renaissance was written to fill that information gap and share with every American exactly what is wrong in America, how to correct it, how things will change, what our world will look like, and what we should expect and be prepared to overcome.
The Science of Liberty Back Cover

Picking up where his last book New American Revolution left off, William W. Fawell takes the reader past the Lie of Omission and the New World Order, leading America to the gates of a Brave New World.  We just need to open the door…

And just as NAR put forth The Contract With Americans, "The Science of Liberty" proposes Four Senate Bills called Liberty Legislation as the litmus test for every candidate to embrace as the means to restore the Rule of the People over our government. "The Science of Liberty" takes the reader behind the curtain of America's Deep State shadow government, throwing back the Lie of Omission practiced by our government and the ever compliant Main Stream Media (MSM). "The Science of Liberty" is the handbook every American needs to take back America!

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