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New American Revolution
New American Revolution Front Cover

On June 5th, 1968, feeling devoid of the truth surrounding America, the author, William W. Fawell, set out on a personal journey to reconstruct that truth. A student of politics, history, and the markets, William was drawn to those pivotal moments in time when governments change, realizing early on that America, and the world, were destined for revolution.  

For over 40 years, the author has prepared for these days, dedicating the last two years to writing this book so that his fellow Americans could prepare themselves to avert the political catastrophe of revolution. Steeped in a history seldom told, Bill lays out just how America arrived at these trying times with inside perceptions of what really took place over the past 235 years of American history. It is augmented by views upon Keynesianism, fiat money, the various types of gold standards, their effect, the Federal Reserve Bank, and the criminal actions that lead all of America up to the Crash of 2008, who was involved, and the crimes they committed.  "New American Revolution" concludes with the Contract With Americans: 2012, a shopping list of milestones America must pass before we are a free nation in a State of Liberty once more.


New American Revolution Back Cover

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