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He who fails to plan is planning to fail.
—Winston Churchill
“I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over men.”
—Thomas Jefferson
Ending the Statist Tyrannical Fascist State of Amerika: The Decentralization of Political Power

Where to start is very simple, we Americans must to come together on a few very specific pieces of legislation focused entirely on the daily operating model of government that restores all the powers to create our laws and all its constitutional powers of Congress, back to our Congress. It must be a Congress whose members will serve under term limits that make it harder for them to learn how to sell their soul and our freedom.

The following five points comprise the litmus test for decentralization of power for the candidate that wants our vote.

Here are four (4) bills currently before Congress that will accomplish our demands. The first leads to the end of the Federal Reserve Bank and the other three are known as Write the Laws. Enacted, they will begin a process that restores the People’s Rule over their government. Nothing more—nothing less.

Tyrants and experts will call it foolish and that it cannot be done in modern government. But what else could they say, they and their means are the ones at risk. For the rest of America there is no alternative and once it has begun, it begins a process which cannot be turned back.

To introduce the people into every department of government ...is the only way to insure a long continued and honest administration.
—Thomas Jefferson
Senate Bill SB 209 (House Bill: HB 24), and SB 1663, 1664, and 1665:

...together they change the system to one where access is dependent upon the Consent of the Governed and the Peoples Rule over their government. Liberty Legislation is examined and explained with the means to carry it out in detail in Chapter 2 and explains the Declaration of American Liberty: The Petition and HM 535 (Hearts and Minds).

This will serve as the means to measure any and all candidates commitment to we American’s collective Liberty, freedom, justice, and shared wealth of our nation. It will scare hell out of the members of Congress and they must either conform or lose their election.

Before too long, We the People Will Rule our government once again.

Each Bill is presented as follows:

This requires an audit of the Federal Reserve Bank 2009/10 policies and its consultants in 2009/10 during the housing crash. Preferring an audit going back to 1913, this is enough to open Pandora’s Box. The objective is to reveal enough about the FED that it will not survive, and this bill will do that. It was passed in an earlier version in the House, but the majority leader in the Senate, democrat Harry Reid, would not let it on the floor of the Senate for a vote. Passed three (3) times by the House, it was defeated in the Senate in early 2016, largely along party lines: Republicans Yea, Democrats Nay. The primary exceptions being Bernie Sanders (Yea) and that 2-faced treasonous liar from north of our border, Ted Cruz, who didn’t have the guts to vote in order to serve his master to which he sold his soul long ago, Goldman Suchs

SENATE BILL S. 1663,1664, 1665 WRITE THE LAWS / No HR Bill ...Yet!!!
  • S.1663—All federal laws and policy can only be passed by an Act of Congress. Today agencies create our laws written by lobbyists and directed under the power of our el Presidenté. This will end that practice.
  • S.1664—One (1) issue per bill. This ends omnibus bills and each bill will have to stand on its own. No piggy backs of billions here and billions there for one friend or another (This is how CISA in its worst for passed through Congress).
  • S.1665—All laws must be read in Congress before voting. This ends voluminous bills that lobbyists use to create laws unto themselves and reduces the volume of bills before Congress; reinforces the 10th amendment and brings proposed legislation under greater scrutiny of the People.
Term Limits: #1 Demand of All Americans and the One All Politicians Ignore

Without Term Limits we are lost. Serving in Congress was never meant to be a lifetime career of rooting through the public trough while dining and devouring Rack-of-Taxpayer, and the longer a member remains there the worse their entitlement gets.

In the 1970s five percent (5%) of retiring members of Congress became lobbyists, today it is 50% and on the rise. The only thing good about lobbying is that it gets them out of office. But what comes in their stead?

Young Americans have to run for office, pledge to pass thea forementioned Liberty Legislation and Term Limits; then Young America must vote en masse for their candidates.

Terms Limits will eventually require a constitutional amendment just as it did for the presidency, but a strong movement is able to quickly pass it de facto through the states until it becomes fact. It is quite clear that the first thing we Americans must do is to vote all the rascals out of office.